Otaku Unite! Archive

I began shooting Otaku Unite! in November 2000.
Production wrapped during the summer of 2003.
Its world premiere was held at the 2004 Philadelphia Film Festival.
It was released on DVD courtesy of Central Park Media in June 2006.

“The documentary Otaku Unite! is a well shot overview of anime fandom.”
Ain’t It Cool News

“Otaku Unite! aims to be both a primer to otaku culture to those on the outside, and a celebration of the same to those on the inside, and it excels at both in a fun, educating manner.”
Animation Insider

“We found this to be a real blast — our only complaint is that we’re not in it!”

“…it’s almost magical in a way that only a documentary on anime fans can be.”
Anime News Network

“Otaku Unite! is an important and relevant introduction to the booming US anime culture.”
Anime On DVD

“Director Eric Bresler should be commended for this valuable look at anime fan culture in the United States.”
Anime Research

“Philadelphia filmmaker Eric Bresler approaches his subjects with good-natured humor, refraining from mockery even when interviewing middle-aged men dressed as schoolgirls.”
City Paper Philadelphia

“With its wide breadth of subjects, informative interviews, and plenty of film clips, this should be watched by anyone who is interested in anime, new or otaku.”
DVD Vision Japan

“Otaku Unite! is a very comprehensive and compelling introduction to the world of anime fandom. If you’ve ever wondered who those crazy-looking people in the elaborate costumes on their way to your local convention center are, it’s worth checking out.”
AMC Filmcritic.com

“The professional quality of this documentary seems to me to be a continuation of the startling depth of talent in the otaku community, artistic, organizational, and technical. I highly recommend this to all who are interested in fandoms, even those outside of anime.”
Sequential Tart

“Otaku Unite! does an admirable job of not pigeonholing fans, allowing viewers to make up their own mind as to the meaning, and all the while having fun in the process.”
TLA Video


Comic Box, May 2008

Otaku in USA by Patrick Macias
Published by Ohta Shuppan of Japan, AUG 2006

Cyzo, May 2006


ToonZone.com, 3/06
Watertown Daily Times, 9/05
San Francisco Chronicle, 7/05
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AtAnime.com, 9/03
Anime Invasion, 8/02


Poster and flier designs for the Philly Film Fest world premiere at the International House.  The event was preceded by a costume contest and was followed by an after-party that featured a live performance from Peelander-Z.  A featurette on the day’s events is included on the Otaku Unite! DVD.

Program distributed at the world premiere.

This is a promotional dojinshi [fanzine] that I made.  It was distributed at convention screenings.

Plenty of photos from Otaku Unite! screenings and events can be found here, here, here, here, here, and here.

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